Join us at C++ Edinburgh for some great talks and to hang out with local C++ developers. Everyone's welcome!

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Interested in doing a talk? Whether you have some interesting C++ experiences or projects or would just like to spread some knowledge, we'd love to have you as a speaker! No need to be an expert — C++ Edinburgh is a friendly environment and great opportunity to practise your presentation skills and get feedback. If you'd like to do a talk, let us know!

We aim to be an inclusive and welcoming space for discussion. As such, all speakers and attendees must abide by our Code of Conduct.

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Upcoming meet-up

14th August 2017

7pm at Location: Codeplay, Level C, Argyle House, Lady Lawson St., EH3 9DR

Free entry. Food and refreshments provided.

  • Minimal RPC framework with modern C++ – Rui Figueira, Cloudgine
  • Modern C++ Testing with Catch2 — Phil Nash, JetBrains


Slides for Stack and Heap: Commonly Abused Terms

Stack and Heap: Commonly Abused TermsSimon Brand, Codeplay

Slides for Programming GPUs with SYCL

Programming GPUs with SYCLGordon Brown, Codeplay

Slides for An Introduction to Template Metaprogramming

An Introduction to Template MetaprogrammingBarney Dellar, Toshiba Medical

Slides for The Z-Curve and Standard Containers

The Z-Curve and Standard Containers (source code) — Phil Endecott, UK Map App/Topo Maps

17th March 2015

Location: Summerhall, EH9 1QH

Slides for Welcome to C++ Edinburgh Slides for C++ Update March 2015
Slides for The power of C++

The power of C++Joseph Mansfield

Slides for C++11: 10 features you should be using

C++11: 10 features you should be usingGordon Brown, Codeplay