Join us at C++ Edinburgh for some great talks and to hang out with local C++ developers. Everyone's welcome! To help us continue to be a friendly and inclusive event, please take a look at our Code of Conduct.

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Interested in doing a talk? Whether you have some interesting C++ experiences or projects or would just like to spread some knowledge, we'd love to have you as a speaker! No need to be an expert — C++ Edinburgh is a great opportunity to practise your presentation skills and get feedback. If you'd like to do a talk, let us know!

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  • CodePlay
  • Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd.
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    C++ on Sea

Free entry. Food and refreshments provided. Talks:

  • Strong Types in C++ — Barney Dellar, Canon Medical
  • Building C++ — Morris Hafner, Codeplay
Slides for An Introduction to Template Metaprogramming

An Introduction to Template MetaprogrammingBarney Dellar, Toshiba Medical

Slides for The Z-Curve and Standard Containers

The Z-Curve and Standard Containers (source code) — Phil Endecott, UK Map App/Topo Maps

17th March 2015

Location: Summerhall, EH9 1QH

Slides for Welcome to C++ Edinburgh
Slides for C++ Update March 2015
Slides for The power of C++

The power of C++Joseph Mansfield

Slides for C++11: 10 features you should be using

C++11: 10 features you should be usingGordon Brown, Codeplay