If you're looking for advice or support about anything C++ related, our mentors will be happy to impart their knowledge and experience! Simply find a mentor with the relevant experience and get in touch with them, and they'll get back to you when they can.

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  • Simon Brand

    Staff Software Engineer, Codeplay

    GPGPU tools engineer and metaprogramming nerd. Get in touch if you want guidance on compilers, debuggers, profilers, general modern C++, templates, standardisation or C++ blogging.

  • Gordon Brown

    Staff Software Engineer, SYCL, Codeplay

    I am a heterogeneous runtime engineer, contributor to the SYCL and C++ standards and modern C++ enthusiast. Get in touch if you would like guidance on heterogeneous computing, programming models, OpenCL, SYCL, modern C++, templates, standardization, or job applications in any of these areas.

  • Peter Žužek

    Software Engineer, SYCL, Codeplay

    I started learning C++ when I was 15 and have always been pretty passionate about it, including all the recent development with C++11 and upwards. Professionally I've had a C++ internship for about a year and now as a full time employee (at Codeplay) for nine months.

  • Rui Figueira

    Senior Software Engineer at Cloudgine Ltd.

    Senior Software Engineer at Cloudgine Ltd. About 20 years experience with C++, but still learning.

  • Kevin Chalmers

    Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University

    I am currently a Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering at Edinburgh Napier University. My background is in concurrency and parallel systems, and I know quite a bit about the C++ memory model and programming concurrent applications in C++, as well as a good knowledge of various parallel approaches (e.g. OpenMP, CUDA, MPI, etc.). As a lecturer, I have developed our Games Development programme at Edinburgh Napier, and have developed a framework for computer graphics in OpenGL and a C++ game engine. As a software engineer, I have good knowledge and understanding of engineering approaches and have a good working knowledge of OO principles, etc. in C++. I also currently teach C and C++ to our first-year students and therefore have knowledge and material for teaching beginners as well as more experienced programmers.

  • Benoit Chauvin

    Asset Pipeline Programmer

    Spend 10 years in the medical imaging industry as a R&D Engineer then moved to the Video Game industry as an Asset Pipeline Programmer. Knows C++/C# still learning the new fancy syntax of C++11/14/17. Really keen on sharing my years of experience on being ask to do something for yesterday and managing to do it.

  • Christopher Di Bella

    Software Engineer, Codeplay

    Software engineer for Codeplay's Runtime Technology. Previously a university tutor for UNSW Sydney's Advanced C++ Programming course. If emailing me please put "[Edinburgh C++]" at the start of your subject line to avoid going into spam.